About MSI

established 1994

Manufacturing of fluorescent lamp fitting, ballasts, ceiling fans
and electrical switchboards including OEM and ODM.




Mighty Synergy Industries Sdn Bhd is incorporated in Malaysia since 1994. We are progressive manufacturing of fluorescent lamp fitting, ballasts, ceiling fans and electrical switchboard for OEM and ODM. Mighty Synergy Industries Sdn Bhd is a wealth of experience and well-established globally. We provide cost effective electrical solution to match all the requirement of our client.

Our commitment to excellence has resulted in Mighty Synergy Industries Sdn Bhd accredited with ISO9001:2000 certification, SIRIM & ISO14001:2000 Our team of highly experienced engineers and fully facilitate with CAD-CAM, System(R&D), CNC Stamping, CNC bending CNC lathe machine fully auto powder coating gridding and milling to produce better quality of end products. Our designers and engineers are able to work with an exciting range of products catering for a wide diversity of needs. This includes of residential, commercial, governments, education, industrial, recreational hospitality and retails. By listening to your needs, our marketing and design team will be able to analyses them and develop individual electrical solutions that are both practical and in tune with your business.

Striving For Better
Lighting Innovation

Mighty Synergy Industries Sdn Bhd is committed to creating high-performance, low-maintenance and energy-saving lighting products. Each year, we invest in the latest electronic technologies to ensure our lighting solutions use power efficiently while continuing to deliver increased light output, modularity and better color rendition. Our dedication to low energy consumption has resulted in products that meet the most stringent of sustainable building standards today.

Technology is expanding, to match expectation we upgraded our factory facilities with new machines enable us to double our current production capacity. With greater output, we will be able to expand our market share and increase our revenue generating capabilities significantly.

  • We doesn’t simply meet its customers’ need we anticipate them.
  • We research & development team has an on-going commitment to make its better products.
  • We strive for perfection with regard to reliability and performance.
  • We have the cutting-edge technology to ensure its products are both functional and cost efficient.

The World With Us

MSI, a steady stream of successes has set the foundation for trusting connections with many of our clients. The aesthetics of our finished projects, the speed at which we close deals and the impressive selling prices negotiated are probably the biggest factors building the foundation of many respected relationships. We do not just promote business deals: We build trust and prestigious communities… one transaction at a time, over and over again.

MSI have been working hand in hand with different sector of:

  • Shopping Complex
  • Factories
  • Condominium
  • Police Station
  • Office Tower
  • Hotel
  • University
  • Hospital
  • International Airport